Trend of the Week

I know, I know. ANOTHER post on jewelry!? I’m sorry, I just love necklaces. They have such a power to change an outfit entirely and I am obsessed. My top two brands of jewelry I have found so far are Bagatiba and Logan Hollowell.
 Logan Hollowell is a little more expensive, but the pieces are so beautiful that I don’t mind the price. I love the necklace with the Big Dipper Constellation necklace, it’s so beautiful. 
Bagatiba is such a beautiful brand as well, and a lot more affordable. I already have a post on my newest necklace from here, and I love it! Bagatiba is such a good brand for those who want real jewelry, but don’t want to break the bank. 


Some Faves From the Week

Favourite Purchase: Plants. haha. So boring I know. But, I find they help brighten my mood during the cold, sunless winter here.
Craving of the Week: Sun light!! Spring can come anytime now! haha.
Moment of the Week: Finishing my exams finally!
Thought of the Week: That stress will not change the outcome of anything. You can stress over something coming up, or that has happened but you are only harming yourself. What happens will happen, and what has happened, happened. No, need to stress the small things in life, they happen for a reason. 
Article of the week: Ripped, boyfriend jeans.
Song of the week: Don’t Kill My Vibe – Sigrid
Series of the week: Nothing really, so heres a photo of my aunts dog I’m puppy-sitting.
Instagrammer of the week: Will Smith! Funny, yet inspiring every day! So motivational to look through. 
Quote of the week: ” If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love someone else?” – RuPaul


My Personality, Food & OOTD

Today I took a personality test and damn I am an outsider! haha! I didn’t use one of the dumb, fun ones from buzzfeed, I took it on a website called ’’. After answering all the questions and looking at the letter it assigned me (INTJ-T) and reading the characteristics about myself and what each letter meant, and why I am like this I understand myself so much more. I know, cheesy. But I challenge you to take this test and try to tell me different! haha. 
A quick overview is that I only have 1 true friend, and I’ve known her since we were 4 years old. It’s not that I don’t try to be friendly and make other friends. It’s just that I am a very logical, straight forward thinker. I like facts, not gossip. But, before taking this test I just thought that I was weird and to different. I didn’t know why I had such a hard time finding people who I 1. genuinely liked. 2. I could hold a conversation I enjoyed. But, know I understand that I just don’t think the same way as most people. I fall in the 0.8% of females who have this personality type. 

Beyond Burgers freak me out. They are pink like raw burgers, and as they cook become browner. Like, WHAT?! haha. But god damn are they good. Hands down the best vegan burger EVER. With a side of fries and a large pop, and you have the dream North American meal.

A doctor appointment had me up by 8:00 today and out the door by 8:45. So, rolling out of bed more groggy then ever I threw on my all time favourite ripped boyfriend style jeans and a white t-shirt. Paired with my comfy black keds, and a leather jacket. I put my eyebrows on and some mascara to look more awake and somewhat put together.



As I have written before, I love my jewelry. It’s my saviour and shield in life. So, I don’t like having a weak shield. Meaning, I don’t like having fake, cheaper jewelry. Not that there is anything wrong with having it, I just prefer to spend my money on pieces that will last a while, and can take a bigger hit. When I stumbled upon the website ‘Bagatiba‘ and found out it was all real, hand made jewelry from California AND it wouldn’t completely break the bank, I decided to buy a piece and see what the brand was all about. 
I ordered the 1SM NECKLACE. It is a gold – filled necklace with a 22″ gold ball chain. Each piece of jewelry is hand made, meaning each piece is in some way unique. I love the idea of supporting a company that is so hands on with their products and you can tell that they care about each piece of jewelry they make. 
I love the length of the chain, it falls exactly where I want it.   I also bought  a box off the website for $12 to hold your valuables in safe, secret place. I personally bought it because it is a damn cute box and it went with my room. haha! I highly recommend Bagatiba!!1


New Hair & Chocolate

My hair is my safety blanket. I play with my hair constantly. It protects me from my demons, calms me from my anxieties and is there when I am too excited to contain myself. Even writing this post I play with my hair as I think of the next line to write. I have had the same hair since I started high school (4 years) and, as my school year starts to come to an end. I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I think I may take a gap year, figure out who I am without the pressures of school on my shoulders. But, in order to do this, I need to step out of this imaginary box that I have created for my self to live within. This is a scary thought for me, but I knew it had to be done. So, I got my hair cut and died. Nothing absolutely drastic, 4 inches cut off and blonde added to my roots. I love it and I’m glad I did it.
I am a chocolate addict. Being vegan does not aid this addiction as it’s so hard to find vegan chocolate where I am from. So, when I came across this chocolate…stick, I had to try it. I love the one with coconut in it and the just plain dark chocolate. I have eaten way to many of these things, but it’s so nice to be able to indulge in a chocolate bar after not being able to for so long! haha!


Trend of The Week

Jeans have always been an article of clothing that i’ve struggled with. Up until this year, I’ve never bought myself a pair of jeans, or owned a pair willingly. But, they look so nice and so many cute styles are coming out that I have put my discomfort aside, and I am now obsessed with them. They are the only thing I wear now. 
You can get some amazing jeans from ‘Redone’ , ASOS, Topshop, and Nelly.


This Week in Favourites

Thought of the week: Doing what others want from you will only allow you to achieve as much as them. Set your own bar, and reach for the stars, your own way.
Series of the week: The Crown on Netflix is soooooo amazing!
Music of the week: The Greatest Showman soundtrack or I Got You by Bebe Rexha
Craving of the week: All the carbs please!!!! 
WANT of the week: Jewelry! necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets. all of them please! haha.
Moment of the week: Finishing my chemistry exam this morning. No chemistry class again. ever.
Quote of the week: “This to shall pass”
What have you been craving this week?