Travel Anxiety Tips

Hello sweeties! I recently returned from traveling around Europe for 2 weeks. I had the best time learning about the rich history entwined within every street and the amazing architecture that we just don’t have here in Canada. 13 flights later and I am back home and day dreaming of Oslo.

Traveling in general can be super stressful, throw in 13 different flights within 2 weeks and anxiety can take over your trip. I have struggled with flight anxiety for the last 3 years, and I think I finally have a routine that works.




I was always stressed the night before and morning of a flight, running around making sure I had everything I needed. This stress sets the mood for the rest of your travels and almost guarantees a stressful airport experience, and flight. Some ways to make your morning less stressful:

  • Start packing a few days before you leave.
  • be fully packed and ready the night before.
  • Have all your tickets downloaded and check into your flights on your phone.
  • Have your bags sitting at the door waiting for you the night before you leave.


I always make sure to carve out some time for me to pamper myself and relax the night before, especially if I have an early flight.

  • Have a bath
  • Moisturize your whole body
  • Face mask it up!
  • Watch your favourite TV show or movie
  • Get some ZZZ’s




Having a smooth airport experience is key to keeping calm while traveling. Give yourself enough time, running through an airport, stressing over making it to your flight, will set the tone for the rest of you travels.

Check in & Security:

  • I fully recommend checking in on your phone, but if you haven’t,  check in right away and get it over with.
  • Check all your bags except 1, even if you can have more then 1 carry-on, only bringing one means you have less stuff to worry about keeping with you.
  • While standing in the horrendously long security line, remind yourself that at any point you can leave, but, you won’t make it to the destination you have been planning and thinking about for weeks now.
  • Once you have passed security, keep your mind occupied.
  • Have something to eat, find you gate, look around all the shops, etc.
  • Use an meditation app to keep you calm if need be, I use Breathe.

Take off, landing and turbulence 

Take-off and Landing

  • Use a meditation app too keep your mind occupied while waiting for everyone to board, or check out the in-flight entertainment if available.
  • Make a playlist of songs you want to listen too, maybe save an album ahead of time that you haven’t heard from your favourite artist and listen on the flight.
  • Look at the flight attendents if you can whie taking off, they have flown so much they know what a normal movement for the plane is, if the experts aren’t concerned why should you?
  • Breathe.
  • Stop your mind and thoughts from spiralling.
  • Listen to that album you have been saving, keep your mind on the beats and melodies.
  • Play games on your phone, again, it keeps your mind busy
  • Find a series you really like, or are interested in watching and watch it on the planes entertainment system or download it onto a personal device.
  • Again, watch the flight attendants, if they aren’t concerned, why are you?



Travel 2018

Traveling makes me happy. I don’t know what it is about traveling but I have not found anything that is quite like it. So, this year I want to travel like never before, there are so many places to see in the world! This is my travel list for 2018.
Oslo, Norway

Oslo is the capital of Norway and god damn it is beautiful. Norway was voted the happiest place to live in 2017, there is something in the Nordic water I swear. History shows that places up north like Sweden, Finland, and Denmark along with Norway are always in the top 10, without fail, every year. But besides it being such a happy place to be, Norwegians are damn proud of their ancestors. Vikings. Yep, they have viking museums, and are so rich in history, but have somehow managed to stay modern. I would love to visit Oslo in the summer, and other, more northern places in Norway in the winter. I’m Canadian, I like snow and lots of it please!!
Amsterdam, Netherlands
I love Amsterdam. I’ve been once before and I fell in love the moment I got there. I don’t know what it is about it, it just makes me happy. You can walk for hours upon hours and still find something cool and interesting to do. Don’t walk through the red light district though. I drove through it… got and eye full. But, because bicycles are so common, they rule the roads. More then cars and pedestrians walking, so watch out. I actually watched someone run in to a cyclist… let’s just say it didn’t happen again. Amsterdam truely has my heart.
 Krakow, Poland
I never thought I would like to go to Poland before, but after seeing photos, it’s a must see this year. Not only are the views in the streets phenomenal, they are rich in history, something that my home town lacks. I am a history nerd, especially for the Second World War, so once I found out that Krakow was home to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp, I was set on visiting. What happened there was truly devastating, but there is so much to learn from it, and it seems as though we haven’t at all sometimes. Krakow, I’m coming for you.   
Paris, France
Ah, yes the city of love. Not only would I love to view the Eiffel Tower, L’Arc de Triomphe, or the hustle and bustle around the city, but view the history that is woven into the everyday life of Parisians. Like I said… I’m a hoe for history. I would love to go to the Palace of Versailles and view not only the beauty of the Palace, but the beauty of the garden in full bloom. The light air that floats through the city, or the cobblestone streets. Also wouldn’t mind if I found a Parisian man either. 

Madrid, Spain
I have always loved the idea of Spain not only is it beautiful, with a city atmosphere that you can explore, but it also gets hot there. I love the heat. Love it. And Madrid gets to be almost 30C in August with an only 7% average for rain the entire month. Tan lines here I come!!
Sicily, Italy
I have heard so much about Italy in general, but when ever I hear ‘Italy’ I think Sicily.  With it’s tropical looks, mixed with the rich European history… it’s my dream. Being able to walk down the allies and streets, take photos of the cool buildings. The sun shinning, licking at my skin. Damn it, I need sun!!!!

Los Angeles, California

I know, I know… LA, really? Well, I’ve been once before and I loved it. I love big cities, no one cares about what you look like. Everyone is too wrapped up in their own heads that they don’t pay attention to you, unlike in my home town where if you wear something out side of flannels and t-shirts you get stared at like you have a light up arrow pointing towards yourself. Not to mention it’s warm… like really warm.  

St. Tropez, France

St. Tropez is the name of a self tanner for a reason… You get tanned when you go to St. Tropez, imagine that! Haha. Although I would love to just sit and relax, which is totally my style of vacation, you can also explore while in St. Tropez, it’s the best of both! Not to mention you can get some amazing photos here to!!

Budapest, Hungary

Who da best? Budapest! Haha, sorry I had to. (it’s currently 3am shhhhh). Budapest is stunning, and it has so much to do! This is definitely the adventurous part of me screaming out, as this isn’t somewhere I want to go for the sun. But for the experiences. I mean come on, look at that photo, it’s gorgeous!   
Bali, Indonesia 

Last, but not least…Bali. I feel like Bali would be the cherry on top to complete a year. Look at me already thinking about ringing in another year. But, I truly feel that Bali would be the perfect escape from reality, after all the Christmas hustle and bustle take a break and just relax. Take a scooter to get some food, then come back to a beautiful villa. AHHH someone take me here PLEASE!!

Where do you want to travel this year?