Welcome September


September. When time no longer matters, and darkness is welcomed. We wake to a fog filled world. There is a coolness in the air, being welcomed with open arms. The leaves are our clock now. Never wanting time to go, yet wanting to see the beauty only time will bring. Leaves begin to change, the sweet scent of apples and leaves mix in the air, the sound of rakes scraping on the ground begins to comfort my soul. September. You have lit a fire beneath my soul. I feel renewed with energy.


September. The time when fashion begins to change. Layering, textures,
prints. New trends come and old ones leave. New inspiration makes way,
like a new chapter in a book. Writers block is cleared. The next 
chapter is clear.

Summer Inspiration

Hello sweeties! I have been having trouble finding inspiration this past while for summer posts as I long for the Autumn breeze to kiss my cheeks. I know it’s only July, but this summer has been too hot. There is just something about crisp morning air and leaves crunching under your feet that I long for dearly. I need some inspiration as there is still august and most of September before I can even think of times like those. I have gathered images and different pieces that make me excited for summer again!


Sunday Tips With Britney

IMG_8021Hello sweeties! This week has been rough to say the least. I have been falling out of all my routines and keep forgetting to do simple tasks, like feeding myself. Haha! But one thing that has kept me sane for the last week is meditating. I know, I know, it’s all we hear about nowadays. But, it works! Even for 5 minutes before bed, I turn all electronics off and just let myself sit and breathe.  No fancy clothing, yoga mat or sitting position needed if thats not your thing. Just silence. Trust me with this one! It changed my life!



Zoella Beauty Splash Botanics – This Summers Scent

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Hello sweeties! Recently Zoella Beauty released it’s newest limited edition range, ‘Splash Botanics’. I purchased this new range about a week ago and have been using it everyday since. The scent is so light and fresh with hints of floral for the summer. It is definitely going to be my go to for the rest of the summer.

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The packaging, like all the Zoella Beauty products, is amazing! With the ultimate summer relaxation vibes radiating from it, and an even more summery scent this is hands down my favourite range from Zoella beauty. The range includes a body sorbet called ‘Quench Me’, moisturizing body wash called ‘Make A Splash’, bath milk powder called ‘Lagoon Love’, bubble bath soak called ‘Drench Me’ (not pictured), body mist called ‘Botanic’eau’ and a lip oil called ‘So Soft’.


The scent itself is light, fresh and slightly floral. All the products are infused with coconut water and lychee, both of which are hydrating and boost the radiance of your skin. Giving your skin a healthy glow all summer long. The lip oil is so hydrating its insane, I have used this product religiously since purchasing it and am thinking about buying a second to have on hand as a back up. These products keep you feeling moisturized and give you the smoothest, softest skin with an amazing sheen to it.


With the purchase of $15 or more of Zoella Beauty products at Ulta you will receive this free gift of a mini ‘Make A Splash’ and ‘Quench Me’ as well as a loofa.

With all that being said, if you still aren’t 100% sure this is the range for you this summer, the price tag might convince you. With generous amounts of product that is amazing and nothing priced over  $12.95 USD you can’t go wrong having this as a staple this summer. The range is also vegan friendly and Zoella Beauty itself doesn’t test on animals.

// Have you tried Splash Botanics? // 

Sunday Tips With Britney


Sundays are the marking of a fresh week. So, I decided I wanted to give a fresh tip every Sunday that I have learned from traveling, friends and family to aid in your fresh beginning. This weeks is a 100% silk pillow. Sleeping with one of these instead of rough polyester or cotton is great for your skin and hair. It aids in the prevention of fine lines and wrinkles as well as aids in hair growth and keeps your hair healthier. I also find my face to not be as dirty in the morning when I wash it.  You can buy them for a hefty price on eBay. It’s worth the price, trust me!




Travel Anxiety Tips

Hello sweeties! I recently returned from traveling around Europe for 2 weeks. I had the best time learning about the rich history entwined within every street and the amazing architecture that we just don’t have here in Canada. 13 flights later and I am back home and day dreaming of Oslo.

Traveling in general can be super stressful, throw in 13 different flights within 2 weeks and anxiety can take over your trip. I have struggled with flight anxiety for the last 3 years, and I think I finally have a routine that works.




I was always stressed the night before and morning of a flight, running around making sure I had everything I needed. This stress sets the mood for the rest of your travels and almost guarantees a stressful airport experience, and flight. Some ways to make your morning less stressful:

  • Start packing a few days before you leave.
  • be fully packed and ready the night before.
  • Have all your tickets downloaded and check into your flights on your phone.
  • Have your bags sitting at the door waiting for you the night before you leave.


I always make sure to carve out some time for me to pamper myself and relax the night before, especially if I have an early flight.

  • Have a bath
  • Moisturize your whole body
  • Face mask it up!
  • Watch your favourite TV show or movie
  • Get some ZZZ’s




Having a smooth airport experience is key to keeping calm while traveling. Give yourself enough time, running through an airport, stressing over making it to your flight, will set the tone for the rest of you travels.

Check in & Security:

  • I fully recommend checking in on your phone, but if you haven’t,  check in right away and get it over with.
  • Check all your bags except 1, even if you can have more then 1 carry-on, only bringing one means you have less stuff to worry about keeping with you.
  • While standing in the horrendously long security line, remind yourself that at any point you can leave, but, you won’t make it to the destination you have been planning and thinking about for weeks now.
  • Once you have passed security, keep your mind occupied.
  • Have something to eat, find you gate, look around all the shops, etc.
  • Use an meditation app to keep you calm if need be, I use Breathe.

Take off, landing and turbulence 

Take-off and Landing

  • Use a meditation app too keep your mind occupied while waiting for everyone to board, or check out the in-flight entertainment if available.
  • Make a playlist of songs you want to listen too, maybe save an album ahead of time that you haven’t heard from your favourite artist and listen on the flight.
  • Look at the flight attendents if you can whie taking off, they have flown so much they know what a normal movement for the plane is, if the experts aren’t concerned why should you?
  • Breathe.
  • Stop your mind and thoughts from spiralling.
  • Listen to that album you have been saving, keep your mind on the beats and melodies.
  • Play games on your phone, again, it keeps your mind busy
  • Find a series you really like, or are interested in watching and watch it on the planes entertainment system or download it onto a personal device.
  • Again, watch the flight attendants, if they aren’t concerned, why are you?


This Weeks Mood | Spring

Spring has yet to bloom in the North, and we have had what has felt like a 4 day snowstorm. Not even kidding. But, I am so determined for spring I have just ignored the cold snow and decided that this week, no matter what, I will dress like spring has started to bloom. I am desperate people!

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 5.43.46 PM

Photos: Pinterest

 This week I am feeling so inspired with light nudes and taupes. Baggy, oversized tops are so in right now and I am in love with how they are styled in these photos! Blazers and trousers are also killing it at the moment and are definitely becoming a staple in my wardrobe!


// What is your inspiration this week? //

3 Things You’ll Always Find in My Shower

Hola! How is everyone on this Easter Sunday / April Fools Day? I’m currently cooking my breakfast and eating chocolate while I wait. haha!


If your anything like me, you love to know what people are up to. My favourite youtube videos and blog posts are the ones that show the little things in someones life. Like doing laundry, cleaning time-lapses, and those that are titled “what’s in my…”. So, today I have gathered the 3 things you will always find in my shower. Enjoy!


1. SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER // I have never really ‘LOVED’ a brand of shampoo before. However, this one by Love Beauty & Planet has my heart! I use the Tea Tree infused one because it’s great for scalp health, and I tend to have oily hair. I also love what the brand stands for, they are cruelty-free, vegan, organic, ethically sourced, and have no Parabens, dyes, or Sulfates. The bottles are also made from 100% recycled plastic and the formula is a ‘quick rinse’ formula so you don’t have to use so much water.


2. BODY WASH // I also use the Love Beauty & Planet body washes. The scents are to die for, and they follow all of the same guide lines as the shampoo and conditioners! They leave my skin feeling heavenly, and lathers my skin in a rich, guilt free feeling. I’m just waiting on a lotion! Hopefully soon! haha.


3. FACE WASH // I don’t always wash my face in the shower, but I do get lazy every now and then. It’s better washing it in the shower then not washing it at all. However, whether I am washing my face in the sink or in the shower I always use my ‘Soy Face cleanser by Fresh. It cleans my face, even water proof mascara, without leaving a film on my face and doesn’t completely strip my face and dry it out. This is a must try if you have oily to combination skin!


Stop and Smell the Oils!

All I have heard people talk about in 2018 is essential oils and their beloved diffuser. It got me wondering why everyone was so obsessed with such a simple thing. After doing some research about the uses of essential oils and their benefits, I too must admit I am hooked!

oils 3

Some of my favourite uses of essential oils are:

1. Headaches // I have never really liked taking medication for something as simple as a headache. But lately I have been caving into it as I have been getting them more and more. SO ANNOYING!

Related image

Until the wonders of essential oils came my way. I put a little lavender oil on my temples as I find it works best for me. When I am home I also like to make up my own concoction of rosemary, lavender and peppermint oils in my diffuser and it works wonders!

2.  Sleep // I find my headaches are often a sign effect of my insomnia. I have tried many, many ways to help it and nothing seemed to work.

Related image

Until now. About 30 minutes before I go to bed I put a few drops of lavender in my diffuser beside my bed. By the time I roll over, it takes me another 30 minutes to fall asleep. And for someone with insomnia, 30 minutes is record breaking for me!

3. Relaxation // With everyday hustle and bustle I sometimes find it hard to just sit down and relax. When I do, I love putting different essential oils in a diffuser to make sure I reach maximum relaxation! haha. Some of my favourites for relaxation are Lavender (again I know), Ylang Ylang, Rose and Chamomile.

Image result for ylang ylang tumblr

4. Waking up // I am usually a morning person, but lately I have been wanting to sleep in later and later. I don’t no what it is, maybe it’s the never ending winter here in northern Canada, or the fact that I’m only 3 months away from graduating high school and have  a bad case of what my family studies teacher calls ‘senioritis’.

Related image

The one thing I have found helps me get my mornings started is putting a little orange, lime, lemon and linaloe wood oils in my diffuser when I wake up and am getting ready for my day.

Photos: Tumblr



6 Tips for Spring Cleaning

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Winter is slowly, but surely coming to an end. HURRAY!! Meaning we can finally come out of hibernation! haha. Along with hibernating all winter, I find myself not letting go of much, and my room tends to get over-crowded and nothing has been given a good, proper clean.

But to be honest, spring cleaning hasn’t always been something that excited me. In fact, I never really did a full spring cleaning up until last year.  And after I did it, I noticed such a difference in my mood. Cleaning the winter grime away completely changed my mind from hibernation mode, to spring mode! So, I decided to give my top 6 tips to make spring cleaning a little more bearable.

  1. OPEN WINDOWS : After having your windows shut all winter it tends to make your home feel stuff, with stale air. Opening the windows brings fresh air into the home. I also love to light some floral scented candles, or putting some nice essential oils in my diffuser.

“cleaning it ALL seems daunting”

2. ROOM BY ROOM : When stepping back and looking at your entire home, cleaning it ALL seems daunting. But tackling one room at a time makes it so much more bearable! I also find I clean a lot more thoroughly when I do it one room at a time.

3. REMOVE EVERYTHING : It’s such a task to clean around everything, and move everything one by one as you clean. So, remove everything other than the big furniture in the room! Not only is it more convenient, you’ll also give everything a deeper clean. This is also a great time to throw your sheets in the wash and give them a deep clean.

“Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to go through your belongings”

4.SORT AS YOU PUT BACK : After you deep clean, don’t just put everything back the way it was. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to go through your belongings and get rid of anything you no longer like, use or wear!

5. DONATE : Instead of just throwing away all the things you no longer want and letting them go to waste, donate it! One mans trash is another mans treasure after all! Donating is also a great way to shrink your carbon foot print. And while your at the thrift store look for some new things to decorate your home for the spring!

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 10.49.42 AM6. PLANTS : Plants are all the rave atm! And there is no better way to bring the spring into your home then adding some house plants and flowers!  Not to mention the mood lifter having colour and greenery in your home is!