The Fall Wish List

Fall essentials 1

               1. Here / 2. Here / 3. Here / 4. Here

Fall Essentials 2

                5. Here / 6. Here / 7. Here / 8. Here

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              9. Here / 10. Here / 11. Here / 12. Here

Acne Studios’ Seasonal Soles – NEW IN

Acne BOOTS 1

A label synonymous with “it” girls, cool kids and all things edgy, Acne Studios has quite the cult following. It also has some of my favourite ready-to-wear pieces like these Puffy boots. They are going to be perfect for the long, cold, harsh winters up here in the North. I can finally be trendy and functional! Haha.

Acne BOOTS 2

The boots have the perfect soles with lots of traction for the snowy, icy weather we tend to get in the cold months up here. I can almost feel a slightly cooler breeze in the air. Can anyone else? The sun still kisses my skin, but the breeze has began to lick against it too. The nights are cooler and the stars have begun to shine sooner. How I long for autumn.

Acne BOOTS 3

// Have you started your F/W wardrobe yet? //

Autumn is Coming

PicMonkey Image_1PicMonkey Image 2

Autumn. The time of the year where mother nature reminds you how beautiful it can be to let things go. Cold, pleasant air while the sun is gently out. The season where rain and fog make the morning that much more beautiful and car rides with good songs that much more enjoyable.  You feel more, taste more and maybe even think more. Autumn will be like the night, another universe. Autumn. My happiness.


Your Guide to Affordable Lingerie

I don’t know about you, but when my bra and underwear match I know it’s going to be a good day! There is just something about them matching that makes me more confident. However, bras can be so expensive! Sometimes I want to feel confident without breaking the bank! haha.  So, today I have created a guide to affordable lingerie with 10 of my favourite pieces I found. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 10.54.07 AMScreen Shot 2018-04-15 at 10.56.04 AM

  1. ASOS // 2. ASOS // 3. ASOS // 4. ASOS // 5. ASOS // 6. ASOS // 7. Nelly // 8. Nelly // 9. Urban Outfitters // 10. Urban Outfitters

Where’s your favourite place to buy affordable lingerie?

SPRING | 5 Must Have Transition Pieces

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Spring is here!… kinda. Here in the north the weather has gotten to that stage where you need a jacket when you leave in the morning, and are overheating in the afternoon. It’s such a long, annoying time of year. And it’s even more annoying to dress for it.

 These are some must have pieces in my wardrobe for this time of year!
1. High waisted denim. Not only is it a huge trend at the moment, but they are comfier then skinny jeans, and are so easy to style! Pair them with a cropped sweater and either sneaker or some booties.
2. Cropped sweaters. These are essentials in my closet for anytime of year.
3. Basic t-shirts. You can never go wrong with a basic T, some mom jeans sneakers and an oversized blazer this time of year.
4. Booties. With all the snow melting I love wearing some booties. They are warmer then sneaker, can be dressed up or down, and don’t look like a big winter boot.
5.  Trench or blazer?  I love both, they add just the right amount of warmth in the morning and don’t cause you to over heat in the afternoon. Not to mention they are some of the biggest trends at the moment!

Photos: Redone, Brandy Melville, Nelly, NA-KD


The Olsen Twins, Inspirational Women

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are my childhood hero’s. I grew up watching them on T.V. every single day when I visited my Nana & Papa during the summer break. If you follow me on Pinterest, then you know I have been pinning the hell out of their photos! There style is so simple, yet different. I am obsessed with it! Rarely are there outfits something other then neutral coloured, but they somehow make everyone stand out, and set the newest trend!
Their street style is unbelievably chic, yet wearable. With 2 fashion houses they own, The Row and Elizabeth & James, they are the epitome of chic.



With the pressure of designing complete lines for both companies, along with other designing projects for different brands, they are true business women and have become the person I aspire to be as I grow older.





Photos: Pinterest

The Best Sunglasses on ASOS

Photo: Fablefrique

Sunglasses are such a good staple to have on you at all times. They are great to accessorize an outfit with, either covering you eyes, on top of you head or tucked into the collar of your shirt they always make a statement. So, I decided to round up my favourites available on the ASOS website and share them with you.

Photos: ASOS

Inspiration of the Week

It’s a new week, with some new inspirations! Anniken Jørgensen a.k.a Annijor  is it this week! (and secretly every other week as well… shhhhh). There is just something about her style that catches my eye every damn time! She knows how to wear baggy jeans, she knows how to style an oversized faux fur coat, she knows how to wear the perfect amount of jewelry, and on top of that after reading her blog, shes an amazing writer and is honestly goals. Plain and simple. 

If you haven’t checked out Anniken’s blog or her insta… do it! You will not regret it I promise! At times, her blog is like her diary it feels.

Photos: Insta | Blog

 She isn’t scared to write her feelings, and is so damn relatable all the time and is just real. She doesn’t pretend to have a perfect life, she shows you how life is and that’s so important! Peoples lives aren’t like how you see them through a photo on instagram, and she shows you that when she needs to. In the end, just please go read her blog! haha.