Zoella Beauty Splash Botanics – This Summers Scent

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Hello sweeties! Recently Zoella Beauty released it’s newest limited edition range, ‘Splash Botanics’. I purchased this new range about a week ago and have been using it everyday since. The scent is so light and fresh with hints of floral for the summer. It is definitely going to be my go to for the rest of the summer.

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The packaging, like all the Zoella Beauty products, is amazing! With the ultimate summer relaxation vibes radiating from it, and an even more summery scent this is hands down my favourite range from Zoella beauty. The range includes a body sorbet called ‘Quench Me’, moisturizing body wash called ‘Make A Splash’, bath milk powder called ‘Lagoon Love’, bubble bath soak called ‘Drench Me’ (not pictured), body mist called ‘Botanic’eau’ and a lip oil called ‘So Soft’.


The scent itself is light, fresh and slightly floral. All the products are infused with coconut water and lychee, both of which are hydrating and boost the radiance of your skin. Giving your skin a healthy glow all summer long. The lip oil is so hydrating its insane, I have used this product religiously since purchasing it and am thinking about buying a second to have on hand as a back up. These products keep you feeling moisturized and give you the smoothest, softest skin with an amazing sheen to it.


With the purchase of $15 or more of Zoella Beauty products at Ulta you will receive this free gift of a mini ‘Make A Splash’ and ‘Quench Me’ as well as a loofa.

With all that being said, if you still aren’t 100% sure this is the range for you this summer, the price tag might convince you. With generous amounts of product that is amazing and nothing priced over  $12.95 USD you can’t go wrong having this as a staple this summer. The range is also vegan friendly and Zoella Beauty itself doesn’t test on animals.

// Have you tried Splash Botanics? // 


The Best Sunglasses on ASOS

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Sunglasses are such a good staple to have on you at all times. They are great to accessorize an outfit with, either covering you eyes, on top of you head or tucked into the collar of your shirt they always make a statement. So, I decided to round up my favourites available on the ASOS website and share them with you.

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3 Steps for the Ultimate Valentines Day Alone

It’s Valentines Day, and once again I am alone. Not that I’m complaining, I like my me time. Although I feel like leading up to today there has been so many different pressures posted out there. “What are you getting ______”, “Are you spending Valentines Day with ____”, “We are alone so lets all spend the day doing something together”, ” I need to top all of there friends significant others gifts this year”. REALLY??? It’s a day dedicated to showing someone you love them… shouldn’t that be everyday you spend with them?

And know there is even pressure if you don’t have someone to spend it with. Galentines Day… Can’t I just be happy that I’m not with someone at the moment?

So, instead of falling into the pressures that society has tried springing on me, even though I’m single I still have to spend it with friends apparently, I am simply giving myself some extra lovin. haha.

1. Make-up
The first thing I do to begin pampering myself is throw my hair up off my face and take off my 10 hour old make-up. Nothing feels better then washing the dirt and grim of the day off your face.

2. Food
Who says you have to go out for a fancy ass meal? Order take-out and eat it on the couch in your oversized t-shirt! Put on your favourite movie or TV show and relax!

3. Pamper

Ahh yes, my favourite part! Time for the ultimate pamper session. haha. I like to pour a bath with some essential oils or a bath bomb from LUSH! Light some candles, and grab a glass of wine (if legal) and just relax. Let all the tension leave your body. I also like putting a face mask on and follow it with a night-time face moisturizer.
Then I like to put some warm  PJ’s on and cuddle into bed with a favourite movie or binge watch my favourite TV show!




As I have written before, I love my jewelry. It’s my saviour and shield in life. So, I don’t like having a weak shield. Meaning, I don’t like having fake, cheaper jewelry. Not that there is anything wrong with having it, I just prefer to spend my money on pieces that will last a while, and can take a bigger hit. When I stumbled upon the website ‘Bagatiba‘ and found out it was all real, hand made jewelry from California AND it wouldn’t completely break the bank, I decided to buy a piece and see what the brand was all about. 
I ordered the 1SM NECKLACE. It is a gold – filled necklace with a 22″ gold ball chain. Each piece of jewelry is hand made, meaning each piece is in some way unique. I love the idea of supporting a company that is so hands on with their products and you can tell that they care about each piece of jewelry they make. 
I love the length of the chain, it falls exactly where I want it.   I also bought  a box off the website for $12 to hold your valuables in safe, secret place. I personally bought it because it is a damn cute box and it went with my room. haha! I highly recommend Bagatiba!!1


New Hair & Chocolate

My hair is my safety blanket. I play with my hair constantly. It protects me from my demons, calms me from my anxieties and is there when I am too excited to contain myself. Even writing this post I play with my hair as I think of the next line to write. I have had the same hair since I started high school (4 years) and, as my school year starts to come to an end. I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I think I may take a gap year, figure out who I am without the pressures of school on my shoulders. But, in order to do this, I need to step out of this imaginary box that I have created for my self to live within. This is a scary thought for me, but I knew it had to be done. So, I got my hair cut and died. Nothing absolutely drastic, 4 inches cut off and blonde added to my roots. I love it and I’m glad I did it.
I am a chocolate addict. Being vegan does not aid this addiction as it’s so hard to find vegan chocolate where I am from. So, when I came across this chocolate…stick, I had to try it. I love the one with coconut in it and the just plain dark chocolate. I have eaten way to many of these things, but it’s so nice to be able to indulge in a chocolate bar after not being able to for so long! haha!



It’s exam time for me and I am stressed!! haha. I have been reading the same line of work over, and over , and over again and it’s still not sinking into my brain. It’s like a wall has formed between my memory and the rest of my brain.
I’ve been stating up until the early hours of morning studying and stressing over having due dates that are bound to come no matter what. And while all this has been going on, I have forgotten to make sure that I am okay. I haven’t been eating supper, washing my face, I only shower long enough to wash my hair and rinse my body. I. Am. A. MESS!!!
 So, todays post is going to be about how I take care of my self, and what I like to do to pamper myself.  
1. Get Comfy / / Put CLEAN, but comfy clothes on. Take that damn bra off, and those tight jeans. Swap them for some Pj’s or sweats. 
2. Wash your face: Wash the days pollution away. there is no better feeling then washing off my make-up. and throwing my hair up into a messy bun. 
3.Put a face mask on: Nourish your skin, it’s sensitive and the weather is so harsh on it this time of year.
4. Eat something: I always forget to eat supper when I’m stressed. I don’t know why… I love food. So go make some mac n’ cheese. 
5. Have a bath/shower: what ever you prefer. Put a bath bomb in a bath or some epsom salts. If you prefer showers, just spend some extra time doing the things you don’t allow yourself to do. Shave your legs, put a deep condition in your hair or anything you love, but don’t have time for.
6. Light a candle: Turn off the lights and light a candle, it’s so calming and will make your room or where ever so beautiful smelling. I always forget how much I love candles until I actually light them.
7. Watch your favourite movie: If you don’t have time to watch a movie, put an episode of your favourite T.V. show on. 
8. Use a humidifier: Put some lavender oil in it to help you fall asleep. 
9. GO TO SLEEP: I can’t function without enough sleep, and I haven’t been getting enough for over a weeks now. So, treat yourself and got to sleep early. You’ll feel so refreshed in the morning. Like a new life has started.

What do you do to relax??


My Armour in Life

I have never liked jewelry. In my 18 years of life I have never worn it, never saw the point in it. Until now. All of a sudden, I can’t leave the house without it on. It’s my armour, that protects me from the world.  I feel naked without it on. It’s like a hug, constantly there to protect me from anything life throws at me. With my jewelry I am invincible.
They make any outfit look 10 times better. And always make you look like you tried harder to make your outfit look nice then you actually did. I always layer mine, never just one, unless its a staple piece. 
What is your armour in life?

Trend of the Week

Inspiration: Victoria Beckham
I know, I know. It’s still winter, and it’s too cold to wear this style of shoe. But they are just so cute I can’t help it. They are my obsession. Loafers and Mules go with anything and everything, they are good for spring, summer, fall and in some places even winter. Although Canada isn’t one of them. haha! I would personally style these with either trousers or loose vintage fitting jeans. You can get some great ones from ASOS, Topshop and Gucci.

This Week In Favourites

This week has been long. With exams coming up and final project due I have been stressing. But, it has also made it a good week of favourites, as I crave going home and finding a little break from reality. Something that I can relax to and unwind from the stressors of school.  So, below are some favourites I have found this week.

  • The Thought of the Week:  That not knowing what you want to do for the rest of your life is okay. You don’t have to feel like your life is together right out of high school.

    • Favourite activity: Yoga and meditation. I have found it so easy to relax and I always feel a weight lift from my shoulders every time I do it. I highly recommend meditating before bed to relax your mind right before sleep.
    •  Favourite Song: Glorious by Macklemore – it’s not new but, it just makes me smile while listening to it.
    • Favourite Series: I don’t have a favourite t.v. series this week, however I have fallen in love with the Youtuber Tati Westbrook
    • This weeks Craving: Pasta, pasta and more pasta! All the carbs Please!!!
    • Weekly Want: Spring. haha! I am just so over this cold and snow, I want the sun so badly!!!

    • Quote of the week:  We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible” – Vince Lombardi