16 Jackets for Your Autumn/Winter Wardrobe

W jackets - blk

                  1.Here / 2.Here / 3.Here / 4.Here*

W jackets - neutral

                  5.Here* / 6.Here / 7.Here / 8.Here

W jackets - animal

                  9.Here / 10.Here / 11.Here* / 12.Here

W jackets - blues

                 13.Here / 14.Here / 15.Here / 16.Here

Jackets are my favourite accessory. From biker style like numbers 2 and 4, to sophisticated long coats like numbers 5 and 16. Every coat has a different personality, can give you a different persona for a moment.

// What personality does your coat have? //

*Contains Affiliate Links

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Canadian who doesn't know what life is going to bring.

8 thoughts on “16 Jackets for Your Autumn/Winter Wardrobe

      1. I love music, I like country, pop, rock. You name it I probably listen to it! (Unless it’s like scream music haha)


    1. I am so sorry it has taken me this long to get back to you! It’s been crazy lately. AHHH! Unfortunately I don’t know where the jacket it from I got the photo from pinterest. Sorry!


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