Travel Anxiety Tips

Hello sweeties! I recently returned from traveling around Europe for 2 weeks. I had the best time learning about the rich history entwined within every street and the amazing architecture that we just don’t have here in Canada. 13 flights later and I am back home and day dreaming of Oslo.

Traveling in general can be super stressful, throw in 13 different flights within 2 weeks and anxiety can take over your trip. I have struggled with flight anxiety for the last 3 years, and I think I finally have a routine that works.




I was always stressed the night before and morning of a flight, running around making sure I had everything I needed. This stress sets the mood for the rest of your travels and almost guarantees a stressful airport experience, and flight. Some ways to make your morning less stressful:

  • Start packing a few days before you leave.
  • be fully packed and ready the night before.
  • Have all your tickets downloaded and check into your flights on your phone.
  • Have your bags sitting at the door waiting for you the night before you leave.


I always make sure to carve out some time for me to pamper myself and relax the night before, especially if I have an early flight.

  • Have a bath
  • Moisturize your whole body
  • Face mask it up!
  • Watch your favourite TV show or movie
  • Get some ZZZ’s




Having a smooth airport experience is key to keeping calm while traveling. Give yourself enough time, running through an airport, stressing over making it to your flight, will set the tone for the rest of you travels.

Check in & Security:

  • I fully recommend checking in on your phone, but if you haven’t,  check in right away and get it over with.
  • Check all your bags except 1, even if you can have more then 1 carry-on, only bringing one means you have less stuff to worry about keeping with you.
  • While standing in the horrendously long security line, remind yourself that at any point you can leave, but, you won’t make it to the destination you have been planning and thinking about for weeks now.
  • Once you have passed security, keep your mind occupied.
  • Have something to eat, find you gate, look around all the shops, etc.
  • Use an meditation app to keep you calm if need be, I use Breathe.

Take off, landing and turbulence 

Take-off and Landing

  • Use a meditation app too keep your mind occupied while waiting for everyone to board, or check out the in-flight entertainment if available.
  • Make a playlist of songs you want to listen too, maybe save an album ahead of time that you haven’t heard from your favourite artist and listen on the flight.
  • Look at the flight attendents if you can whie taking off, they have flown so much they know what a normal movement for the plane is, if the experts aren’t concerned why should you?
  • Breathe.
  • Stop your mind and thoughts from spiralling.
  • Listen to that album you have been saving, keep your mind on the beats and melodies.
  • Play games on your phone, again, it keeps your mind busy
  • Find a series you really like, or are interested in watching and watch it on the planes entertainment system or download it onto a personal device.
  • Again, watch the flight attendants, if they aren’t concerned, why are you?



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