3 Things You’ll Always Find in My Shower

Hola! How is everyone on this Easter Sunday / April Fools Day? I’m currently cooking my breakfast and eating chocolate while I wait. haha!


If your anything like me, you love to know what people are up to. My favourite youtube videos and blog posts are the ones that show the little things in someones life. Like doing laundry, cleaning time-lapses, and those that are titled “what’s in my…”. So, today I have gathered the 3 things you will always find in my shower. Enjoy!


1. SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER // I have never really ‘LOVED’ a brand of shampoo before. However, this one by Love Beauty & Planet has my heart! I use the Tea Tree infused one because it’s great for scalp health, and I tend to have oily hair. I also love what the brand stands for, they are cruelty-free, vegan, organic, ethically sourced, and have no Parabens, dyes, or Sulfates. The bottles are also made from 100% recycled plastic and the formula is a ‘quick rinse’ formula so you don’t have to use so much water.


2. BODY WASH // I also use the Love Beauty & Planet body washes. The scents are to die for, and they follow all of the same guide lines as the shampoo and conditioners! They leave my skin feeling heavenly, and lathers my skin in a rich, guilt free feeling. I’m just waiting on a lotion! Hopefully soon! haha.


3. FACE WASH // I don’t always wash my face in the shower, but I do get lazy every now and then. It’s better washing it in the shower then not washing it at all. However, whether I am washing my face in the sink or in the shower I always use my ‘Soy Face cleanser by Fresh. It cleans my face, even water proof mascara, without leaving a film on my face and doesn’t completely strip my face and dry it out. This is a must try if you have oily to combination skin!



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