Some Faves From the Week

Favourite Purchase: Plants. haha. So boring I know. But, I find they help brighten my mood during the cold, sunless winter here.
Craving of the Week: Sun light!! Spring can come anytime now! haha.
Moment of the Week: Finishing my exams finally!
Thought of the Week: That stress will not change the outcome of anything. You can stress over something coming up, or that has happened but you are only harming yourself. What happens will happen, and what has happened, happened. No, need to stress the small things in life, they happen for a reason. 
Article of the week: Ripped, boyfriend jeans.
Song of the week: Don’t Kill My Vibe – Sigrid
Series of the week: Nothing really, so heres a photo of my aunts dog I’m puppy-sitting.
Instagrammer of the week: Will Smith! Funny, yet inspiring every day! So motivational to look through. 
Quote of the week: ” If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love someone else?” – RuPaul


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Canadian who doesn't know what life is going to bring.

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