My Personality, Food & OOTD

Today I took a personality test and damn I am an outsider! haha! I didn’t use one of the dumb, fun ones from buzzfeed, I took it on a website called ’’. After answering all the questions and looking at the letter it assigned me (INTJ-T) and reading the characteristics about myself and what each letter meant, and why I am like this I understand myself so much more. I know, cheesy. But I challenge you to take this test and try to tell me different! haha. 
A quick overview is that I only have 1 true friend, and I’ve known her since we were 4 years old. It’s not that I don’t try to be friendly and make other friends. It’s just that I am a very logical, straight forward thinker. I like facts, not gossip. But, before taking this test I just thought that I was weird and to different. I didn’t know why I had such a hard time finding people who I 1. genuinely liked. 2. I could hold a conversation I enjoyed. But, know I understand that I just don’t think the same way as most people. I fall in the 0.8% of females who have this personality type. 

Beyond Burgers freak me out. They are pink like raw burgers, and as they cook become browner. Like, WHAT?! haha. But god damn are they good. Hands down the best vegan burger EVER. With a side of fries and a large pop, and you have the dream North American meal.

A doctor appointment had me up by 8:00 today and out the door by 8:45. So, rolling out of bed more groggy then ever I threw on my all time favourite ripped boyfriend style jeans and a white t-shirt. Paired with my comfy black keds, and a leather jacket. I put my eyebrows on and some mascara to look more awake and somewhat put together.


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Canadian who doesn't know what life is going to bring.

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