As I have written before, I love my jewelry. It’s my saviour and shield in life. So, I don’t like having a weak shield. Meaning, I don’t like having fake, cheaper jewelry. Not that there is anything wrong with having it, I just prefer to spend my money on pieces that will last a while, and can take a bigger hit. When I stumbled upon the website ‘Bagatiba‘ and found out it was all real, hand made jewelry from California AND it wouldn’t completely break the bank, I decided to buy a piece and see what the brand was all about. 
I ordered the 1SM NECKLACE. It is a gold – filled necklace with a 22″ gold ball chain. Each piece of jewelry is hand made, meaning each piece is in some way unique. I love the idea of supporting a company that is so hands on with their products and you can tell that they care about each piece of jewelry they make. 
I love the length of the chain, it falls exactly where I want it.   I also bought  a box off the website for $12 to hold your valuables in safe, secret place. I personally bought it because it is a damn cute box and it went with my room. haha! I highly recommend Bagatiba!!1


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Canadian who doesn't know what life is going to bring.

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