New Year, New Me?

                     Where has 2017 gone? I swear it was just the beginning of the year 2 weeks ago. The older I get, the faster the years seem to go by. But, with a new year, comes new year resolutions for most people. I usually am one of those people, this year I was supposed to star working out, travel a ton, maybe do a few spontaneous things along the way and work on my anxiety. Well… I went to the gym once for like 30 min, traveled to 2 places and due to my anxiety, didn’t leave my house unless it was a need to moment. Thinking back on this it leaves a weird feeling in my stomach and makes my brain feel oddly detached from my body.

                     This whole ‘new year, new me’ trend that happens around this time of year always leaves me feeling less accomplished then I had before by the end of said year. So, this year there are no new years resolutions.

                     2018 starts on a Monday. And most would hate that, who likes Mondays? Especially when most will probably have hangovers for the next week anyways. Well, my friends I feel like this is the perfect time the year to start, not only is it at new year, its a new week and I feel like when the beginning of my week starts good, my week tends to go by much smoother. So, why not have that for the year as well?

                       I’m not going to be giving myself unrealistic goals, I simply want to enjoy this year, wether thats me sitting in front of the T.V. watching Netflix for the day, working out, eating crap or eating healthy, traveling when I feel like traveling, making to-do lists or just say f*** it and sit on the couch all day, well then thats what I’m gonna do. No pressure needed.

Do you like making new years resolutions?



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Canadian who doesn't know what life is going to bring.

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